Congratulations !

祝賀學員 Lai Wing Tung 修畢 CWP™ 認可婚禮統籌師文慿課程,由協會頒授 <CWP™ 會員資格> 及 < CWP™ 國際認可婚禮統籌師及活動管理證書>。

看看 Lai Wing Tung 對婚禮的感覺。


成功工作轉介 !!

祝賀學員 Lai Wing Tung 成功工作轉介。

看看 Lai Wing Tung 對成功工作轉介評語。

First of all,Thank you for helping me enjoying in this class.

CWP course let me learn a lot and develop a basis on be a wedding planner👍🏻

Then,thanks very much for recommended me the job of Hong Kong listed company.That’s a opportunity of entering a new community and also a change to improve myself.

Thank you so much 🎓